What’s Going On With Humanity?

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”

– George Orwell, 1984


Since 2012 I’ve done nothing but question the human race. In essence, I woke up from something. Perhaps what did the waking up was what was happening in my 3-D reality. I’ve had to deal with situations where I had to choose to be awake and do something, or remain asleep and just let it happen.

Sad to say, lot’s of people are choosing to be asleep.

“Ignorance is strength!”

-George Orwell 1984

This was made clear to me on Wednesday evening October 25, 2017. Immediately after our Nurses and Hypochondriacs storytelling show performance at Lit Crawl in North Hollywood, a woman had fainted. She was laying on the concrete sidewalk. Her friend was by her side.

I stopped to ask if she was ok, and do a quick neuro exam. It was a warm evening in the 90’s, and she was an audience member at our performance. She was able to answer my questions but stated she felt ‘weak” and “dizzy.” I immediately lifted her legs on a chair, and asked if she wanted me to call an ambulance. She stated: “No.” Her pulse was weak and thready. I quickly went next door to a hot dog shop and asked for a bag of ice.

No one moved since there was a woman dressed in a honey bee outfit with pink hair reading off of a paper into a microphone. She didn’t stop reading so I screamed: “I need ice, there’s a woman on the floor! “

Finally a man at the counter grabbed a bag and quickly filled it with ice. As I left the hot dog shop, still no one flinched or seemed to care. No one offered to help! So I screamed: “I hope none of you are ever in an emergency situation passed out on the sidewalk!”

As I approached the woman on the floor I placed the ice pack to her face. She asked me to check her pulse since she stated: “my pulse is back!” It was bounding strongly since she had a vasovagal response and ice to the face quickly brought her pulse back!

A volunteer from the lit fest came out to scream: “You don’t have to be rude!” And no he did not acknowledge the woman on the floor, offer to help, or anything other than slam my efforts… I think he was blind… hell many people today are!

But who can blame humanity right? It’s so much easier to float away in a Netflix coma and forget about what’s really going on! Perhaps the 2 dimensional world of the media and social media have numbed humanity to what can actually happen in the real world.

This is nothing new and has been happening for a long time.

Back in 1999 I worked for Disneyland, no not as “Tinker Bell” flying over the magic castle, but as a NURSE in first aide.

“They have nurses at Disneyland?”

People usually say when I tell them about my job as a NURSE at the “Happiest Place On Earth!”

“How could anything bad happen there?”

I can’t tell you how many times I had to push through a swarm of mindless humans to get to one that was lying on the floor somewhat unconscious…usually having a seizure (they forgot to take their anti seizure meds) and one time a heart attack where I quickly popped on the AED machine before the paramedics responded in a record 4 minutes!

I would hear people say: “Oh now you’re destroying my Disney experience!”

Or “Is the parade gonna be cancelled because someone decided to die?” And no one moved out of the way, hardly ever!

That’s when I quit.

I’ve seen the same thing happen at Coachella, young females passing out due to drugs and high heat. No one helped them except for my friend (a Family Nurse Practitioner) and myself as he screamed “Grab their legs and put them in trendelenburg!” Which usually brought them back into consciousness immediately!

I’m not sure what’s going on in the world? Why people are so desensitized, and will not help a fellow human laying on the floor?

When the woman on the concrete was well enough to stand up she stated: “I picked the right show to pass out on!”

If you see a human in distress… please stop and help them! Let’s stop this George Orwellian novel before it gets out of control! Our humanity depends on it!