The Most Haunted Hospital in America

An apparition of a woman walks down a narrow corridor, clad in a hospital gown, singing to herself while lugging an IV pole. A television mysteriously flips itself on in the middle of the night. Ominous creaking footsteps set your heart racing and then make your skin crawl when you slowly turn to see that no one is there.

We’ve all heard stories like these from our coworkers or perhaps experienced such phenomena ourselves. Hospitals are optimal spaces for hauntings and ghost sightings, particularly on a rainy night shift after midnight. The majority of the staff and visitors have gone home, the patients are asleep and the only sounds are the occasional beep of an IV machine, heard echoing in a patient’s room. That’s when the creep factor tends to settle in. (And let’s not talk about having to do an unexpected late night drop-off at the morgue!)