Should Nurses Get Involved In Politics?



“I wish more nurses would get involved in the political arena. Nurses are very good advocates for people, not just in health care, but for all of their needs, because nurses work closely with people at so many ages and levels.”

-Helen Thomson RN, Former YOLO County Supervisor


This past weekend, I attended Fourth Of July Fire Works Festivities in my hometown of Eagle Rock, California. Eagle Rock is a small community in the heart of the behemoth of Los Angeles. Most people have never heard of it!


“Where do you live?” People would say.

“Eagle Rock, it’s in the middle of Pasadena and Glendale!” was always my retort.


It’s a small town, picturesque of hometown USA! There’s coffee shops, independently owned eateries, and a rock that looks like an eagle!


After the entertainment and before the fireworks, Jose Huizar, The Councilmen For The 14th District, gave a speech and introduced his wife Richelle Huizar. Apparently, the rumor is she’ll be running for his seat in 2020.


I’m dyslexic and I see patterns.


This to me sounded like a “Hilary Clinton” situation.


The political husband has a “public” affair, and the wife then is running for office?


Not to bash anyone, as I only know what I read in the “tabloids” oops, I mean the media! I think this is bizarre! What is more bizarre is Eagle Rock building a dog park when there’s a growing homeless population?


I don’t have a politician’s brain. I can’t get on stage lie and pretend my life is roses. I have a Nurse’s brain, and problems stick out like a sore thumb!


At the end of the evening, I was angry! Since 2008, I’ve been transmuting my anger in a sort of alchemical process and trying to create something positive!


The next day I took to Facebook and asked for information on running for City Council in 2020. Almost immediately, I got a flood of people wanting to help me along with information! In a matter of 24 hours, I got potential campaign managers, social media experts, a political strategist and a film director to document my journey!



Perhaps the community is tired of the “Huizar Dynasty.” Perhaps they need a change and someone who is empathic and actually ‘cares’ about people and the surrounding communities: Boyle Heights, El Sereno, Garvanza, Glasell Park, Lincoln Heights, and Monterey Hills which encompass the 14th District.


I grew up in Eagle Rock, started my pediatric nursing career in Boyle Heights as well as studied writing at Casa 101. I’ve always loved the art, the culture and the creativity of this area! It’s the heart of Los Angeles, and needs a bit of resuscitation!


Nurses are taught to be good listeners, to problem solve: to assess, diagnose, and treat!



“I always teach young people that when the door opens, walk through it. The doors kept opening and I walked through them.”


Helen Thomson RN, Former YOLO County Supervisor


Seems like doors are opening, so I guess I’ll take “Helen’s” advice and walk through them! At the very least, I’m “considering” a run and will be looking into it….And yup…it would make for a great screenplay or documentary! Hey, it’s Los Angeles so why not?  Stay Tuned!