Rogue Nurse Media 501c3 2017 A Year in Review And What’s Happening In 2018


2017 brought about many ups and downs! Creating Rogue Nurse Media has been one of the most difficult things I’ve had to endure! I always tell myself I’d rather have birthed triplets than start a nonprofit! At least with an L&D/ Postpartum/ Pediatric Nursing background I know more or less what to expect.!


But, with very little business, production, and non-profit experience, it’s definitely been an extensive learning journey! As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, and I guess you can say the same for a business! I’m incredibly thankful to my village of friends, artists, web designers, graphic designers, podcast engineers, storytellers, students, nurses, patients, hypochondriacs and audience members for helping me along this exciting journey!


What happened in 2017?


March: Denver 2017

Nurses and Hypochondriacs Storytelling traveled to Denver in March for 2 shows at The Denver Bike Café. It was a ton of fun to finally take the show out of Los Angeles and on the road! Special thanks to our Denver Storytellers and audience members who made the show possible!


May: Nurses Week

Nurses and Hypochondriacs Storytelling May 2017

We celebrated the 2nd Annual Flo’s Birthday Bash for Nurses Week at Bareburger in Santa Monica! We had an amazing show complete with Magician, Storytelling show, raffle prizes and cake!

Storytelling/ Writing Classes For Healthcare Professionals Launch: We launched 3 storytelling classes for healthcare professionals with in class storytelling shows! A huge success! Many of our students went on to perform on storytelling shows, speak at national conferences, start their own blogs, and appear as guests on podcasts!


August: Podcast Launch


Nurses and Hypochondriacs Podcast was launched! Again, I had absolutely no podcasting experience, but I did a ton of research, read a few books and hired a consultant. We initially started recording the podcast at a studio in Hollywood. Unfortunately, this did not end up well! The podcast was put to bed for several months until August when Jonathon Colomb came on board as podcast engineer and we found a new cozy studio in my home in Burbank, the media capital of the world! We’ve put together 7 episodes so far which include:


TB: The Consumption Puccini Made Famous with guest storyteller Thi Nguyen

-Oh Sh*t I almost Killed You With Sonja Swartzbach RN, BSN, CCRN and Bri Hoogendorn

-Herpes A Love Story with guest Cherise Pascual

-Hospital Romance: Nurse marries Doctor, Doctor Marries Nurse with guests Sarah Matacal RN, BSN and Dr Vaughn Matacal

-Nursing, The Filipino American Dream with guest Lesley Asistio

-Too Sick And Naked, A Journey Through Lyme Disease : Guest Jackie Shea

-Fever Valley Fever, The Mysterious Illness : Guests Julie Solis and Abner Vilches RN, MSN, FNP



If you haven’t listened please listen and support us! We are on iTunes and podbean. Nurses get 1 CE for listening after completing a brief survey (see link on itunes).



Society Of Pediatric Nurses

Never drink 2 cups of coffee before presenting in front of 50 Pediatric Nurses! Lesson learned as my tachycardia and shortness of breath kicked when I presented “Are You A Rogue Nurse!” It was a ton of fun to share Rogue Nurse Media 501c3 and Nurses and Hypochondriacs Podcast with fellow colleagues and several nursing students!


We ended the year with a Nurses and Hypochondriacs storytelling show at the LA Lit Crawl In North Hollywood. Special thanks to storytellers and audience members who came out to support! I hope the woman who had a vasalvagal response in the audience is doing well!


What ‘s happening in 2018


2018 will be a hot year for Rogue Nurse Media 501c3!


We plan to grow and expand with more podcasts, and storytelling/ writing classes! We are also taking the ‘live’ storytelling show on the road to projected places like: Chicago, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Alaska, and New York!


Our board will be growing and we will be announcing our official board members at the beginning of the year!


We are projecting to launch quarterly networking events, a “Nurses Ball” for Nurses Week, and launch of our Film/ Media series. We already have 2 documentary films that we are discussing and fingers crossed get funding for and start production!


Starting a non-profit has not been easy to say the least! I’ve had ideas that failed, projects placed on the shelf and projects that impacted healthcare in a huge way! I’ve learned how to harness my inner strength and keep moving forward. I’ve also grown as a person, which I think is the best lesson of all! To anyone reading this, I challenge you to be “Rogue” and start something that will impact society!


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