Nursing Podcasts

Want to join the audio revolution? Put in your earbuds and listen or grab the mic and broadcast your own

Podcasting is one of the hottest trends in entertainment today. About one in four Americans over the age of 12 now listens to podcasts. That number continues to climb: By 2021, some projections say there will be more than 100 million listeners in the U.S. alone.


 While the term “podcast” dates back to 2004 and the introduction of Apple’s popular iPod, the concept is something of a throwback to the days when radio was the preeminent form of mass entertainment. From the ’30s to the ’50s, American families would gather around the radio to hear favorite shows like “The Jack Benny Program.” Radio shows embraced almost every genre — fiction and nonfiction — in 15-, 30 and 60-minute daily or weekly installments.

By about 1960, television had killed the radio star, but narrative audio has recently seen a resurgence thanks to the proliferation of electronic audio files, portable music players and streaming audio. Like many modern innovations, a key selling point is convenience. Although you can listen to a podcast on your desktop computer, most people load or stream them on their smartphones.

Plug in your headphones and you have hands-free entertainment to liven up jogging, car trips, cooking, getting ready for work or your lunch break.  Podcasts are perfect for busy people, and there’s no one person busier than a nurse! Read whole article here