Media Flurry: Nurses Lives Matter



“Stop, I’ve done nothing wrong!”

-Alex Wubbels Nurse Arrested For Doing Her Job


Alex Wubbels didn’t expect to get arrested for doing her JOB when she woke up in the morning! By now anyone who is a NURSE in the United States has seen the horrific YouTube video of Alex Wubbels RN in Salt Lake City Utah. She was placed under arrest for following hospital policy. Thanks to the many nurses reposting the video on social media outlets, it achieved ‘viral” status!


SAFETY in nursing is a huge issue! In recent months, there have been several articles chronicling various violent attacks against nurses.


Nurse strangled by patient in a Montreal hospital.


Nurses raped at gunpoint by an inmate in Chicago.


These are all headlines that perhaps would make great movies. Unfortunately, they are a grave reality! In a selfless profession where you are saving lives, one would think yours would be safe!


At the height of gang violence in Los Angles, I worked at hospitals in many of these hot spots: Compton, Boyle Heights, and Santa Ana to name a few. I remember being told not to wear ‘red” or ‘blue” scrubs while going into work in Compton. To be aware of your surroundings and watch your hand gestures in Boyle Heights. I learned to be street smart. I learned to watch people’s social ques. I had to in order to be safe! Especially when you get called into work at 2 am!


And yes, I have been verbally assaulted, threatened with my life, spit at, pushed, punched in the face, and given an indian burn! I was even held hostage at gun point in a take over robbery at the age of 19 working as a bank teller. The policy is to fill out an incident report if you get assaulted. If you are lucky, the violent patient gets a sitter. Oh, and you get an ice pack and told to finish your shift!


Alex Wubbels was lucky that the officer who attacked her was wearing a surveillance camera! It went viral after she posted it on Youtube. There was a similar case in 2010 when Lisa Hofstra RN in Chicago found herself in the same situation… arrested for refusing to draw blood on a patient. The incidence was captured through a hospital surveillance camera. She was arrested by an officer. She later settled with the city for 78k!


Social media and the media in general have great power! A flurry of information was transferred in mere seconds to the 3 million nurses across the nation, as well as who knows how many non-nurses! It’s disgusting this incident had to happen. It in fact happened a second time that the media reported… and who knows how many others that have not been reported!


The good that’s come out of the situation: the officer got fired from his part time paramedic job, policies are being changed, and Alex is one empowered courageous nurse who stood up, and posted this video! She indeed is a “Rogue Nurse!” Nurses lives matter!