Is there an Insurgence happening in the Nursing Profession?



How little can be done under the spirit of FEAR

-Florence Nightingale

In 2015, I created Nurses and Hypochondriacs DBA Rogue Nurse Media 501c3. I did it because I followed my gut. I knew it was needed. I knew something BIG needed to happen in the NURSING WORLD!


Then the tidal wave started to hit! Shortly after I produced my storytelling show “Nurses and Hypochondriacs,” in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, Kelley Johnson RN received backlash form hosts of The View, for wearing a Stethoscope and scrubs as she gave her monologue on stage while running for Miss America. Thousands of nurses then took to social media with the hashtag #Showmeyoursthethoscope and expressed their outrage at the ignorant comments “Nurses don’t wear stethoscopes!”

Nurses began standing up for their profession in unison teaching the media what we actually do! Yes, nurses wear stethoscope! We do much more than just wear them!


The insurgence continued as Alex Wubbles was arrested by a police officer in 2017 for doing her “JOB!” She was following hospital policy and barred the officer from drawing blood on an unconscious patient. Alex has settled out of court for a figure around $500,000.00.


Wubbels will use a portion of the money to help people get body camera footage, at no cost, of incidents involving themselves, she said at the news conference. In addition, Porter’s law firm, Christensen & Jensen, will provide for free any legal services necessary to obtain the video.


“We all deserve to know the truth and the truth comes when you see the actual raw footage and that’s what happened in my case,” Wubbels said. “No matter how truthful I was in telling my story, it was nothing compared to what people saw and the visceral reaction people experienced when watching the footage of the experience that I went through.”

Wubbels said she also will make a donation to the Utah Nurses Association and will help spearhead the #EndNurseAbuse campaign by the American Nurses Association.

-Salt Lake City Tribune November 2017

By now everyone should have known what happens when nurses get PISSED! And I don’t mean that yellow kind that comes out of a catheter!


At the end of Nurses Week this year Sascha Cuttler led a group of fellow nurses and covered up Mark Zuckerbergs name in front of San Francisco General with blue tape.

Guy Vandenberg, another nurse, came down in scrubs and on one placard wrote a diagnosis (“malwareberg”) and on another sketched out a fake prescription: “Uninstall Zuckerberg.”

-NY Times May 2017

Mark Zuckerbergs gave SF General $75 million dollars to have his name on the hospital for the next 50 years. It’s reported he wanted to have all the baby’s born at the hospital to have his name on their birth certificate! Patient’s don’t agree and are afraid for their privacy due to facebooks recent controversies. I guess you can say it’s a double entendre for all those people who lost their jobs or got reprimanded for posting on facebook! Well you know what the say about karma.


Several silent nursing protests, walk outs and marches in Washington DC have been occurring. Touche to these nurses! They are Rogue Nurses and have started the #NurseIsurgence ! It’s about time we flexed our power!