FlueMist Has Met It’s Expiration Date With The CDC; What All Nurses Need To Know

A year ago, I was covering for a doctor who was on emergency medical leave. I was hired as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner through a locum tenum company for temporary coverage. His clinic was small. On an average he saw of 30-40 Pediatric patients per day.

After the first day, I asked the office manager (the doctors daughter) if her father needed to speak to me, and if he wanted updates. Her response: “He said to just push the FlueMist, it’s about to expire. “

I still remember the day when FlueMist came on the market. I was a brand new Pediatric Nurse Practitioner attending my first steak and Lobster dinner hosted by a Pharmaceutical company. The dinner took place at a swanky restaurant in Pasadena. My dinner companions included Nurse Practitioners, and some sales reps dressed in cheap suits.

I was excited to be at this dinner eating steak and lobster, rubbing elbows with fellow Nurse Practitioners, and listening to a Doctor talk about a ground breaking new vaccine “Flue Mist!”

In my clinical practice, I trusted the research. I trusted the reps who pretended to be my friends and brought me Starbucks Mocha’s with whipped cream. And I trusted the drug that I was administering and SELLING to my patients.

“It’s great for kids. It’s just a sprits in the nose. There’s even a bubble gum scented flavor!” That’s right bubble gum flavor in your nose. Grape flavor was an option as well.

Much better than a prickly polk in your deltoid. And let’s not forget avoidance of getting sick, missing school, and work. It would be a no flue winter with flue mist! That was my sales pitch to my patients. And it was a yes for kids aged six months and over every time!

Today, the CDC is banning the use of FlueMist or the nasal flue vaccine for 2016-2017.

Push the FlueMist it’s about to expire!Manager @ a Pediatric Clinic