Failure… Why It’s Good for You!

One nice thing about failure is when you go through it at the end you can sort of take stock and say: “OK, that was a failure. And it wasn’t that bad.” — Moby



Failure… It’s one of those things that nobody every talks about. The reality is, if no one ever failed, there would never be any success.


Eddison made 1000 failures before he was sucussessful with inventing the light bulb. Nikola Tesla, famous for several inventions triumphed over many failures when pursuing his discoveries. Can you imagine what would have happened if these inventors would have succumbed to their failure?



With such a zeal for progress comes at the price of inevitable failure. However, this failure did not lead him to discontinue his endeavors. In fact, Tesla used failure to guide subsequent experiments, eventually leading to a variety of successes. Intelectual Ventures


“Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more.” – Nikola Tesla


If failure is part of the journey, then why do people not embrace it?


I’ve watched many people fail, and succumb to it. I remember when a student of mine would “fail” a test. Instead of embracing that failure they would lay blame. Not on themselves, but on the test, the teacher and the school.

I’ve recently listened to many people blame their failures on things like: the stock market crash, the dot com crash, and graduating from college in a bad economy. After hearing people whine so much about failure, I now ask them if they’d like some cheese to go with it?


Yes, it’s probably true. These people need attention and definitely therapy.


I graduated from Nursing school in 1996, and yes there was a hiring freeze. Did I give up? Did I just accept it and do nothing? Nope! In fact it only made me try harder, and much like Eddison and Tesla I eventually succeeded in finding a job. Now, twenty years later, I have had many jobs, many successes, and yes many failures. I’ve definitely ridden the roller coaster of life. What I’ve learned: somehow my failures all opened a door to success. If I never had a failure, my writing career, Nurses and Hypochondriacs, and Rogue Nurse Media 501c3 would never have been born! I launched head first into my entrepreneurial projects after getting “fired” from a job I mortally hated!


Our society does not accept failure as a good thing. It’s seen as bad. The reality is that in order to succeed you must fail.


Moby gave a lecture in 2014 about how he failed with certain musical compilations that later proved to be success. He stresses the importance of “Creative” failure.




Next time you hit a wall of failure, instead of whining about it, perhaps embrace it. Accept it as your own creation. It’s a journey of sorts that just may open portals of possibilities that you would never have imagined. And raise your glass of wine and say Cheers! Success is just around the corner!