America’s Healthcare Is On Life Support

America’s healthcare is on life support. The current lawmakers should not be sitting at a table and making laws about healthcare policies. Why? Because they have no idea what they are talking about!


Would you ask a first year surgical resident to open some ones skull and perform brain surgery? Would you ask a New Grad RN to take care of 10 patients on a night with a full moon? I’m sure these have all happened. I can personally vouch for the latter, but what is going on in the Senate is sheer insanity.


“Currently, the legislation is stalled in the Senate as the moderate and conservative wings of the party’s Republican conference have been unable to come to a compromise on the bill.”

(Business Insider)


Why is it stalled? Because these people know nothing about healthcare! Yet, citizens vote them in to office to vote on our healthcare laws? I don’t know, it must be me or like REM once sang: “It’s the end of the WORLD as we know it!”


Yes, yes, I’m a Nurse … Nurse Practitioner with a Masters Degree, I’ve taught at 4 Universities and I’m a freelance writer. If I tell someone I’m a nurse, they automatically assume I’m just that “person” who goes around wielding a bedpan! But, if you wear a suit, and have a way with words, with a sarcastic smile you get elected to office. That qualifies you to make laws regarding healthcare.


No it’s not the Doctors and Nurses who take care of the actual “Medicare” patient. No, it’s not the ones who counsel the sick and dying. It’s that guy or gal with bad hair wearing a suit.




I’m sure “Miss Manners” would be rolling in her grave if she saw what was going on in the “Twitterspehre.” I remember the days when twitter was new and the hospital adminsitrators called you in for a not so “politically” correct tweet. Um, who is calling President Trump or Hilary Clinton into the principals office? And they should because they are only adding much more confusion to the mix. And really, why are we asking “Hilary” for a plan… that’s like asking “Nurse Jackie” for a plan!

How to get Healthcare off of Life Support


Dismantle the current senate, and hire consultants …real Nurses and Doctors to make the laws. Oh wait, what about Pharma… hmmm? Good one!