2017 A Tumultuous Year In Healthcare


2017 has been quite a rollercoaster ride! A new wacky twitter obsessed President brought about many twists and turns for our United States of America with many questions left unanswered.


Healthcare? Did it or will it ever get reformed? The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which insures 9 Million Children, expired? Opioids, still a huge crisis as people is starting to sue the pharmaceutical manufacturers!


Technology keeps growing at crazy speeds entangling itself into the healthcare market with telemedicine, robotics, and who knows what else! It’s also creating a health care crisis with Internet porn addictions, excessive video gaming named as a mental disorder, and too much screen time in toddlers creating affective speech delays.


We saw misogynistic behavior in Hollywood be reprimanded as rape culture was exposed and dealt with in the media.


And what about all the Hurricanes and fires!


Well, the good news is we’ve made it through the craziness so far!


It seems like anything is possible in 2018! I challenge all you reading this to help make a difference. Educate, write, start a blog, start a podcast, and contribute your knowledge in healthcare to the masses in some way.


May the force be with us all in 2018!